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I would like to share my experience with Wayside Family Dentistry for the last four years. From my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the professional and efficient dedication that everyone here believes that their clients deserve. Since that time I have continued to receive the utmost best in dental care at a very fair price. After dealing with with several dental practices that place exorbitant profits ahead of their clients dental health and well being, not to mention the attitudes of their people. I could not believe that Wayside Family was able to maintain their cutting edge in all aspects of dental care. I am in excess of seventy years of age and have had a lifetime fear of dental encounters. I am presently in the best dental health at any time in my life. I am no longer embarrassed by the condition of my teeth, and find myself smiling as if I were in my twenties. Speaking of smiling, I have come to notice that everyone here smiles and laughs easily. This is a relaxed yet highly efficient staff that truly enjoys what they do.

Dr.Onyski delivers the absolute best dental care that I have ever experienced. She has organized her staff in such a manner that everyone seems to be cross trained and confident in all respects so as to be able to handle any situation. Ree, the office manager, can cover for everyone, and keeps everyone in check. Karen, the receptionist, who does more than greet the clients and answer the phone. Schedules follow ups and anything else needed to keep things flowing smoothly. I am not sure what Jacks official title is, but I know for a fact that he is highly capable of shaping and polishing a filling to perfection. The procedure that I used to fear the most was the dental hygiene. I can say that I look forward to having my teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Thank you Trina, for being both soft spoken and gentle. My most recent cleaning she spotted a chipped tooth with the beginnings of a cavity. Talk about preventative care, catch any problems early, which translates to less pain and cost in the long run.

In closing, I wish that my medical providers were able to give the care and concern as the Wayside Family Dental team does. Sincerely Walter L.

Matt D.
Wayside Dental is awesome. I was very happy with the service and there prices are very good compared to other dentists. Everybody there played a role in getting my teeth back in shape. I go here every chance I get. Other dentists aren't even worth going to due to crazy prices and bad dental work. I trust and love going to Wayside Dental. The work they do, is the best. Don't hesitate at all if your looking for a Dentist, go here. I rate them 10+++

I am writing this review to let you know how pleased I am with my choice to move to Wayside Family Dental for my dental care. The experience I have had in your offices. Debby and Rita have been exemplary. Honestly, much more than a notch above the... (More) I am writing this review to let you know how pleased I am with my choice to move to Wayside Family Dental for my dental care. The experience I have had in your offices. Debby and Rita have been exemplary. Honestly, much more than a notch above the care and attention I was receiving at my former dental office. Somehow I had always thought I deserved to be treated with more personal care and attention, but was afraid to make a move after being with them for so many years. After meeting you and hearing all the great things that were repeatedly said about your office, I knew it was time for a change. My choice was solidified by the way I was treated at my old dentist office when I simply requested my records, which they did not want to relinquish. I tell all my friends in the area about your practice and recommend you without hesitation. Thank you again

"Hi my name is Walt Lusk and recently I became a client at Wayside. First time visits to dentists are always a stressful item for me, however this time was an exception, from the minute that I walked in the door all of my stress dissipated immediately. Karen was on top of any questions that I had about about obtaining records , insurance continuity and took care of the same very efficiently. I then discovered that my former dental hygienist, Debbie was now affiliated with Wayside. She has had me as a patient for many years before and I lost track of her when my former dentist retired to Arizona. She is unbelievable as to total capability in painless and thorough cleaning, she makes the procedure down right pleasant. Next Dr Onyski evaluated me and gave me a plan to get back on track with some fillings and other work that I require. My first filling was accomplished in a painless and efficient manner. I can't wait to get my next filling finished. I can honestly say that the doctor is head and shoulders above my former dentist in all ways ! Rita the girl Friday, rounds out term perfection by assisting the doctor, then finishing by checking and polishing my new filling in short order, again no pain and above all no stress !!! She wears other hats as well, I know that she is also office manager and goodness knows what else. There is one other gentleman whom I can't remember his name, who is every where working quietly in the background obviously helping this team of professionals to accomplish my goals. My hat is off to all of the above for their dedication and kindness and compassion in every way. In closing I congratulate you, Dr. "O", on having assembled such a fine staff. With your capability and attention to organization I am more than glad to recommend and refer any and all to your fine practice. Thank you again. Sincerely Walter L. Lusk"

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