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How Do I Know if I Have Gingivitis?

Many people develop gingivitis every year and experience painful gums and even lost teeth. But, you don't have to let this condition affect you. At Wayside Family Dentistry, Dr. Lyudmila Onyski provides general dentistry for Sanford, FL residents with gingivitis. By understanding how this condition develops and its many symptoms, you can give yourself better overall dental and oral care. 

Understanding Gingivitis

Gingivitis occurs in people who don't take proper daily oral healthcare steps. Regularly brushing, flossing, and washing your mouth and gums should minimize this risk. However, many people still develop gingivitis as it develops in this three-stage process:

  • Plaque Growth – Plaque develops on your teeth after bacteria eats sugar and starches in your mouth. It leaves behind a residue that can grow hard on your teeth. 
  • Tartar Development – If left uncleaned, plaque can quickly become tartar. Tartar will collect bacteria and make your plaque harder to remove, potentially affecting many teeth. 
  • Gum Inflammation – Tartar on your teeth can cause inflammation around the gingiva (the gum around the base of your teeth) that can quickly spread to affect the rest of your gums. 

When you develop gingivitis, the inflammation and infection could rapidly spread and affect other parts of your mouth. As a result, you must watch for symptoms of this condition and get treatment ASAP.

Symptoms of This Condition

When visiting a professional for general dentistry in Sanford, FL, they'll ask you about your gingivitis symptoms. Thankfully, this condition causes pretty apparent symptoms that you should spot reasonably quickly. Just a few of the most common symptoms of gingivitis include: 

  • Swollen gums that are tender to the touch in various spots 
  • Dark red or dusky red patches throughout your gums 
  • Bleeding gums when you brush your teeth or floss lightly 
  • Disappearing gum tissue that may expose the roots of your teeth 
  • Bad breath that just won't go away, no matter how you care for your teeth 

Watch out for these symptoms, particularly as they worsen and become more intensive. If you don't take control of your oral healthcare needs sooner rather than later, gingivitis could lead to severe infections and even a loss of teeth. On the other hand, by taking this situation seriously, you give yourself a better chance of minimizing dental issues.

Take Care of Your Gingivitis Needs

At Wayside Family Dentistry, Dr. Onyski can provide general dentistry in Sanford, FL, to handle your gingivitis concerns. Her oral care treatment focuses on identifying the sources of your condition, carefully assessing what worsens them, and providing care to ensure you fully recover. Please call us at (407) 732-4570 to learn more about our treatment options.

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